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We learn people how to trade forex. 


On the internet there are too many scams about trading, which have nothing in common with the reality.

We wan't to offer you a clean & free solution.

Learn with our specified educational trading content.

"Trading isn't about forecasting the next steps of the market. Nobody is able to do so. Trading is about reacting to a bunch of situations and having the patience to wait for the best entry." -Lukas Kümmerle-

Our trading strategy is designed for long-term. We are not concerned with earning money in the short term, but building up long-term wealth.

On the internet there are many scams that would often only yield millions and never lose. We show you the real world of forex trading.

We achieve consistent profits in the forex market. We pay close attention to our risk management and thereby achieve real results.

10 plus mentorship program kuemmerle trading

"If you can master consistent trading in the long term, you will also master many other things in life. Cause to become successful in this game you need to find out who you actually are." -Lukas Kümmerle-

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